Procedure - Cheese sandwich recipe (How to Make a Cheese Sandwich)

  • Procedure - Cheese sandwich recipe (How to Make a Cheese Sandwich)
  • Course: English
  • Grade: Year 2
  • Section: Writing
  • Outcome: Writing a Procedure: A Cheese Sandwich Recipe
  • Activity Type: Printable
  • Activity ID: 17452


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United Kingdom – National Curriculum expand/collapse

  • KS1.Y2 – KS1 Year 2
    • Year 2 programme of study
      • KS1.Y2.W.C – Writing - composition

        • Pupils should be taught to:

          • KS1.Y2.W.C.4 – Read aloud what they have written with appropriate intonation to make the meaning clear

          • KS1.Y2.W.C.1 – Develop positive attitudes towards and stamina for writing by:

          • KS1.Y2.W.C.2 – Consider what they are going to write before beginning by:

            • KS1.Y2.W.C.2.a: planning or saying out loud what they are going to write about

            • KS1.Y2.W.C.2.b: writing down ideas and/or key words, including new vocabulary

            • KS1.Y2.W.C.2.c: encapsulating what they want to say, sentence by sentence

          • KS1.Y2.W.C.3 – Make simple additions, revisions and corrections to their own writing by:

            • KS1.Y2.W.C.3.a: evaluating their writing with the teacher and other pupils

            • KS1.Y2.W.C.3.b: rereading to check that their writing makes sense and that verbs to indicate time are used correctly and consistently, including verbs in the continuous form

            • KS1.Y2.W.C.3.c: proofreading to check for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation (for example, ends of sentences punctuated correctly)

      • KS1.Y2.W.VGP – Writing - vocabulary, grammar and punctuation

        • Pupils should be taught to:

          • KS1.Y2.W.VGP.1 – Develop their understanding of the concepts set out in English appendix 2 by:

            • KS1.Y2.W.VGP.1.f: learn how to use the grammar for year 2 in English appendix 2

            • KS1.Y2.W.VGP.1.g: learn how to use some features of written standard English

Australia – Australian Curriculum expand/collapse

  • Year 1
    • Language
      • Text structure and organisation

        • ACELA1447 – Understand that the purposes texts serve shape their structure in predictable ways

    • Literacy
      • Creating texts

        • ACELY1661 – Create short imaginative and informative texts that show emerging use of appropriate text structure, sentence-level grammar, word choice, spelling, punctuation and appropriate multimodal elements, for example illustrations and diagrams

New Zealand – National Standards expand/collapse

  • Y2 – Year 2
    • Y2.W – Writing
      • They draw on knowledge and skills that include:

        • Y2.W.7 – Using appropriate text structures for text types such as simple recounts, descriptions, and reports

        • Y2.W.8 – Composing mainly simple and compound sentences, with some variation in their beginnings

United States – Common Core State Standards expand/collapse

  • 1 – Grade 1
    • W.1 – Writing
      • Literacy

        • W.1.2 – Write informative/explanatory texts in which they name a topic, supply some facts about the topic, and provide some sense of closure.