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Studdyladder has been delivering outstanding results for over ten years now. We are constantly evolving, adding new features, lessons, and games!

For School and Home

  • Our platform allows students to work from both school and home
  • Parents and teachers can assign unique work to students, allowing them to thrive at their pace
  • Personalised results allow parents and teachers to spot gaps in a student's knowledge, providing all the tools needed to help students grow and thrive

spend more time teaching

  • Help students prep for standardised tests, or test students on a new skill.
  • Use one of many reports to get detailed insights into performance, learning gaps and usage.
  • Class monitoring and instant assessments, teachers can assess each student's understanding in real-time, enabling teachers to assist when needed.

screen time that is valuable

  • See your child's recent Studyladder activity and any certificates they have earned.
  • Parents and teachers can assign work to individual students to allow them to work to their personal level
  • Personalised results allow parents and teachers to see gaps in students’ knowledge

Home Tutor

A course that is there for you anytime, anywhere

Home Tutor is our purpose built training program for home.
Grade specific Tutor videos take students through subject areas and training is reinforced through activities and games.

Home Tutor currently covers Mathematics K-6 and Learning to Read, Early Literacy.

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Monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions available.

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Student Features

With studyLadder you can create tailored learning paths for students, providing targeted instruction and engaging activities. Progress tracking helps monitor and address specific needs, creating a positive learning environment that fosters academic growth and a love for learning.

Creativity and Personalisation

Avatars and StudyLadder World offer creativity and personalisation. Students can customise avatars for a unique online presence, while StudyLadder World adds an interactive dimension to their learning experience. These features foster engagement and make the educational journey more personalised and enjoyable.

Fun Educational Games

StudyLadder features a variety of engaging educational games covering subjects like math and English Literacy. These games are designed to make learning enjoyable and reinforce academic concepts in a playful manner. With interactive quizzes and simulations, StudyLadder fosters active learning and a positive attitude towards education.

More of everything

  • Breadth of content covering a range of subjects with unique topics
  • Valuable - up to date reports and tracking on students’ progress
  • Teaching packs offer teachers timesaving ease of use
  • Home Tutor offers parents an affordable solution that works with the school’s curriculum

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