Make Home Learning Easier

Ages 4 to 12

If you are new to Studyladder find out all about our program below.

Home Plus + Home Tutor

Home Plus is our premium product which allows for unlimited access to our site including all of our premium activities, teaching support material and now includes our Home Tutor program.

Your child/ren will also enjoy our upgraded avatars, reward rooms and educational games in Studyladder World.

Watch intro video

Home Tutor

Video Tutorials and activities

Our new Home Tutor program will guide your child/ren through a program based on their grade level - or the grade level you select.

Each step of the way, our tutorials, videos and explanations will give your child a full understanding of each topic at a fraction of the price of a tutor

Home Tutor currently covers Mathematics K-6 and Learning to Read, Early Literacy.

Features for parents

Access to our teaching packs that support enquiry based learning.

Material to support you with grammar and writing lessons with your child - see some more detail here.

Detailed reports so you can track their progress (or to use for the relevant homeschool supervisory authorities).

A structured Home Tutor course and/or the ability to assign and manage activities as you desire.

How does it work?

One parent account manages it all.
Home Plus (premium access) sits on your parent account and then any student account on that parent account will have full Home PLus + Home Tutor access.

This means it is just one low price for all of your family.

Allow your child to follow the Home Tutor program or you can set some activities yourself to hone in on what you want your child to focus on.

Fun educational Games

Unlock your full potential with our educational games, where learning Mathematics and English has never been more fun and engaging.

Challenge yourself and rise to the top against other avatars or our StudyLadder characters.

With our games, you'll discover that education is not just about textbooks and lectures, but an exciting journey.

Unlock Treehouse extension & Access to all Avatar outfits

With Studyladder Home Plus, your child can enjoy an extension to their treehouse where they can decorate and relax.

Additionally, they will have access to our entire outfit collection as well as any future costumes and outfits that will be added throughout the year in the dressing room.

Are you a member of a homeschooling association?

Check your association. We have deals with many that will give you 18 months Home Plus access for the price you would normally pay for 12 months access.