Locating position on a grid using coordinates

  • Locating position on a grid using coordinates
  • Course: Mathematics
  • Grade: Year 5
  • Section: Location and Transformation
  • Outcome: Use grid reference to identify location
  • Activity Type: Printable
  • Activity ID: 3811


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United Kingdom – National Curriculum expand/collapse

  • KS2 – Key Stage 2
    • KS2.Ma2 – Number and algebra
      • Knowledge, skills and understanding

        • Solving numerical problems

          • KS2.Ma2.4 – Pupils should be taught to:

            • KS2.Ma2.4.e – Read and plot coordinates in the first quadrant, then in all four quadrants [for example, plot the vertices of a rectangle, or a graph of the multiples of 3].

Australia – Australian Curriculum expand/collapse

  • Year 3
    • Measurement and Geometry
      • Location and transformation

        • ACMMG065 – Create and interpret simple grid maps to show position and pathways

  • Year 4
    • Measurement and Geometry
      • Location and transformation

        • ACMMG090 – Use simple scales, legends and directions to interpret information contained in basic maps

  • Year 5
    • Measurement and Geometry
      • Location and transformation

        • ACMMG113 – Use a grid reference system to describe locations. Describe routes using landmarks and directional language

New Zealand – National Standards expand/collapse

  • 4 – Year 4
    • 4.GM – Geometry and measurement
      • 4.GM.5 – Describe personal locations and give directions, using simple maps.

  • 5 – Year 5
    • 5.GM – Geometry and measurement
      • 5.GM.6 – Describe locations and give directions, using grid references and points of the compass.

United States – Common Core State Standards expand/collapse

  • 5 – Grade 5
    • 5.OA – Operations & Algebraic Thinking
      • Mathematics

        • 5.OA.3 – Generate two numerical patterns using two given rules. Identify apparent relationships between corresponding terms. Form ordered pairs consisting of corresponding terms from the two patterns, and graph the ordered pairs on a coordinate plane. For example, given the rule “Add 3” and the starting number 0, and given the rule “Add 6” and the starting number 0, generate terms in the resulting sequences, and observe that the terms in one sequence are twice the corresponding terms in the other sequence. Explain informally why this is so.

    • 5.MD – Measurement & Data
      • Mathematics

        • 5.G.2 – Represent real world and mathematical problems by graphing points in the first quadrant of the coordinate plane, and interpret coordinate values of points in the context of the situation.