Letters f, t, F and T

  • Letters f, t, F and T
  • Course: English
  • Grade: Year 6
  • Section: Handwriting
  • Outcome: Downward strokes; f, t, F, T
  • Activity Type: Printable
  • Activity ID: 4804


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United Kingdom – National Curriculum

  • KS2 – Key Stage 2
    • KS2.En3 – Reading
      • Knowledge, skills and understanding

        • Handwriting and presentation

          • KS2.En3.5 – Pupils should be taught to:

            • KS2.En3.5.a – Write legibly in both joined and printed styles with increasing fluency and speed

Australia – Australian Curriculum

  • Year 5
    • Literacy
      • Creating texts

        • ACELY1706 – Develop a handwriting style that is becoming legible, fluent and automatic

New Zealand – National Standards

United States – Common Core State Standards