Enlarging graphics using a grid

Enlarging graphics using a grid
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  • Enlarging graphics using a grid
  • Course: Mathematics
  • Grade: Year 6
  • Section: Location and transformation
  • Outcome: Apply enlargement transformation
  • Activity Type: Printable
  • Activity ID: 4271


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United Kingdom – National Curriculum

Australia – Australian Curriculum

  • Year 5
    • Measurement and Geometry
      • Location and transformation

        • ACMMG115 – Apply the enlargement transformation to familiar two dimensional shapes and explore the properties of the resulting image compared with the original

New Zealand – National Standards

  • 6 – Year 6
    • 6.GM – Geometry and measurement
      • 6.GM.3 – Sort two- and three-dimensional shapes (including prisms), considering given properties simultaneously and justifying the decisions made

United States – Common Core State Standards